Falconcity of Wonders successfully organizes webinar on family, home, and food safety in addressing COVID-19

August 4, 2020

Falconcity of Wonders LL.C., the developer of the Falconcity of Wonders multipurpose mega project that is being developed in Dubai, successfully hosted the second edition of its webinar series, ‘Experts Talk Show,’ on May 19, 2020. The online session focused on the theme, ‘Family, home and food safety’, and their importance, especially as the whole world tries to address the pandemic spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The webinar featured leading industry personalities such as Alharith Almoosa, Vice Chairman of Falconcity of Wonders; Dr Nada Al Mulla, Families’ Doctor; Hamed Alhamed, Founder and CEO, Gracia Farms and Jassim Al Bastaki, an economic affairs researcher, who moderated the session.

Alharith Almoosa, Vice Chairman, FCW, “As the whole world comes to grips with how to address the spread of COVID-19, now is the best time to place special focus and attention on the significance of family, home and food safety. The second edition of our webinar series ‘Experts Talk Show,’ featured a panel of experts that shared their insights, ideas, and useful information that we can best use during this time of crisis. These series of online seminars that FCW is hosting aims to take advantage of the classifieds in uae to make people more aware and educated about this pandemic.”